Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sundays love..

"Wild horses, we'll ride them someday..."

No matter how many times I hear it, that one line will never stop breaking my heart.

I have been in love with the song "Wild Horses" for as long as I can remember. Even though I practically worship anything The Stones touch, The Sundays' cover will always blow the original out of the water for me.

Perhaps it's because this version appeared in one of the most beautiful Angel/Buffy moments. Or maybe it's because it's featured prominetly in Fear, a Mark Wahlberg-Reese Witherspoon thriller from the 90s that really shouldn't have been a large part of my middle school life, but nevertheless was.

Either way, this cover is and will always be my favourite song of all time.

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A cup o' Gilmore...

I think I am in love.

Just the sight of this cup makes me want to go to one of Taylor's town meetings. Or make a pit-stop at Al's Pancake World. Or pigout on leftover Chinese and watch old movies. Or do an all-night dance-a-thon at Miss Patty's. Or go to Friday night dinner. Or grab an extremely large cup of coffee at Luke's. Rory! Lorelai! Get me to Stars Hollow, stat!

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

A simplier (kind of) life...

I was browsing through some old No Doubt pics today and I stumbled upon this adorable shot of Gwen and Tony before things got messy (but ridiculously songworthy!). If this isn't proof that they NEED to get back together, then I don't know what is!

Screw Gavin! Gwen + Tony forever!

(I'm sorry, my fangirl tendencies overrule my sense of logic when it comes to these two. I love you, Gavin! Kinda.)

P.S. - I am so excited for the No Doubt reunion tour it's ridiculous. (As if you couldn't tell.)

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Peachtree TV's just not that into Ginnifer Goodwin!

(I know, girls. Peachtree IS a joke, isn't it?)

Peachtree TV can go suck a fuck!

I know I have shared my hostile sentiments towards this poor imitation of a TV station before but Peachtree has really crossed the line this time.

I just finished watching Mona Lisa Smile on the channel and I am truly revolted by how Peachtree has violated the half-decent movie. In order to make the movie fit into the convenient 2 hour time slot, they cut out the most interesting (in my opinion) storyline in the movie. The side story in question is the one involving Ginnifer Goodwin's character, a sort-of-shy girl who struggles to land a date, despite the fact that she's ridiculously charming. Over the course of the movie, she meets a nerdy young lad and experiences love for the first time (break-ups and all). It sounds like a very minor part of the story - and it kind of is - but I thought it was the most endearing parts of the grrl-power-in-the-40s flick.

Perhaps I'm biased because, in some ways, Ginnifer's story is the cinematic equivalent of my life (minus the cute nerd bf and the ridiculously charming part). But even if I didn't relate to the character, I think I would still find Peachtree's editing annoying. Because really, who wants to miss out on a whole section of a movie? Clearly lame pseudo-legit TV stations.

P.S. - On a lighter note, is it just me, or do gender-oriented schools in movies make you want to leave the co-ed post-secondary world forever? Everytime I watch all-girl school flicks like Mona Lisa Smile and Strike! (or as they call it nowadays All I Wanna Do) and even some all-boys school adventures (School Ties, Dead Poets Society, The Emperor's Club) I get a sudden urge to make like a feminist and leave the boys behind. I'm sure I'd get sick of it after a while, but I think it could be kind of empowering too...

I'm Watching: Shag: The Movie

Thursday, April 23, 2009

One Kill-er Britney cover, served extra hot!

Just when I thought Britney covers were old news (really, how many people can cover "Womanizer"?), this cover of Britney Spears' "Kill the Lights" came along and rocked my socks right off.

I love the original version but this one is beyond brilliant! It's like Brit-Brit had a power rock musical baby with The Killers and Kings of Leon. Loves it!!

P.S. - Forgive me for nerd-tastic headline. I think I've hit the geek quotient for the day.

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Daisies to bloom once more at ABC!

The facts are these: the final episodes of Pushing Daisies will finally be airing on ABC starting May 30th! Do ya love it!?

In honor of this truly delish announcement, here's one of the most wonderful moments of the show - Olive singing "Hopelessly Devoted to You". It seems a perfectly fitting clip because PD fans like myself really are hopelessly devoted to this jem of a show. Emphasis on the hopeless. Cause ABC clearly doesn't seem to feel the same way...

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Screen dreams and shameless Canadiana...

Howdy y'all.

I am applying for this internship which would let me cover TIFF this September. If I got it, I would have access to press screenings, red carpets (I would die) and press conferences. Basically, I would be living the dream. Or at least, my dream.

For my application, I have to submit a review of a Canadian film. I chose, One Week, the new Joshua Jackson flick. Here's a preview of the article. (Please give me input, if you can!).

"In the first minutes of One Week, school teacher Benjamin Tyler (Joshua Jackson from TV’s Fringe) learns that he has Stage IV cancer. Then he allegedly shoots himself in the head. He says, at least when he’s dead he won’t have to mark any more English papers. This dark moment is all in Ben’s mind but it sets the tone for the quirky yet realistic Canadian film.

On his way home from the doctor, Benjamin rolls up the rim of his Timmy Hos coffee, and is greeted by something much more profound than a free donut. The rim reads, “GO WEST YOUNG MAN”. Being the Toronto boy that he is, he takes this to heart, buys an old motorcycle and hits the road, leaving his fiancĂ© Samantha (Liane Balaban, playing a grown-up New Waterford Girl) at home. Samantha hates bikes, rating things out of 10, spontaneity and pretty much all the dreamy things Ben loves. But like many other cinematic road-trippers, he does not see how unsatisfying this relationship is until he leaves it behind for the harsh wind and unpaved gravel of the highway. The TransCanada highway, that is.

Ben’s story is told from the perspective of an omniscient narrator (Campbell Scott). At first, the narration is arresting with its overwrought metaphors (after Ben kisses the Stanley Cup, he says Ben hopes the players who had kissed the Cup before him will “body check his cancer into oblivion”) and wordplay (he calls Samantha’s distaste for Ben’s smelly feet “hostility towards his alleged foot fault”). Luckily, a few darkly hilarious and well-worded outbursts save the movie from becoming oddly pretentious. But they also make you wonder if Ben’s story would have worked better as a novel.

Between the typical run-ins with kitschy pit stops (I spy the World’s Largest Dinosaur and the Sudbury Nickel!) and eccentric roadside characters, there are some genuinely beautiful shots of Western Canada. However, this is not Into the Wild, where every piece of land is a sight of worship and philosophical reflection. The landscape is just one piece of Ben’s story and only becomes important when it means something to him.

Occasionally, the film appears to be a full-length promo for Canada. At one point, a couple on a beach tell Ben that he lives in “one of the most beautiful countries in the world.” Coming from the clichĂ©d tourists, the sentiment comes off as insincere and tacky. But thanks to some classier Canadiana like cameos from The Tragically Hip’s Gord Downie, a sweet French Canadian tune and a Terry Fox memorial, the film feels less like an ad and more like a loving ode to the country.

Jackson shows some real range throughout his on-screen journey. One minute he is dancing at the side of the road, and the next, he’s crying his eyes out. This bi-polar performance is not quite spot-on but it is definitely an upgrade. One thing is for sure, he’s not in Dawson’s Creek anymore."


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Lily Allen ditches LDN for Dollywood..

Lily Allen was wicked cool at her show the Docks tonight. And so is this song.

I'm loving the video's country jamboree variety show meets Dolly Parton feel. Perhaps Lily was influenced by this? After all, the girl is seriously jonesing for a Dolly-Lily duet.

I'm Watching: "The Wonder Years" on DejaView

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You gotta give em' hope!

I NEED this shirt!

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Someone's been eating sandwiches...

This video made my day. It is physically impossible for these boys not to make something ridiculously fall-on-the-floor-and-convulse-like-mad hilarious.

The only thing that makes it more hilarious is the some of the comments people have made about it. Someone said that Jason Segel must have made like Nick Andopolis and "eaten some sandwiches" before the interview. So true! I mean, who gets giggly over someone bringing them non-existant bread ("I'm so hungry")? Oh wait, me.

P.S. - Gideon the unicorn will haunt your dreams!

P.P.S - Jason, what's with the hobo hairdo? Not loving it.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

American idiot..

With idiots like this girl roaming around, it's no wonder Prop 8 passed!

P.S. - See Perez's personal response to her incoherent answer ("Opposite marriage"? Really?) here.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Geiger on my mind...

OMG (Oh my Geiger)! I forgot how much I love this song!

I was listening to my iPod during a study break (I hate exam time) and this little ditty came on! I can't remember the last time I jammed to the Geiger! I feel terrible since the boy pretty much owned my CD player in high school (this song especially). I saw him in concert three times between Grade 11 and 12. I even went to the Danforth Music Hall - my least favourite venue in the city. I was a bonafide TedHead if there every was one.

The craziest Ted concert was his one at Markville Mall. It was crazy busy and I totally embarrassed myself when I met him at the meet & greet. He was wearing an Audrey Hepburn shirt and being the Audrey enthusiast I am (Or was. I had a serious girl-crush on her in Grade 6. I almost dressed as Holly Golightly for Halloween. But that's another story altogether..), I asked him if he too was into the more dainty Hepburn. He just kind of looked down, and said "to a degree." He clearly thought I was an insane Audrey fanatic. AWKWARD.

Where is the Geiger these days anyways?! I miss him!

Watching: Gilmore Girls - Season 1 - "Rory's Birthday Parties"

One night in the garden of Little and Big Edie Beale..

I made two new friends yesterday. Their names? Little Edie and Big Edie. I think we're going to be real close.

Last night was the premiere of the Grey Gardens, a full-length HBO film based on a famous 1975 documentary of the same name. The wonderful movie (which stars the loverly Drew Barrymore (psst..I think it's Drew Barrymore day on DIVA because they're playing 50 First Dates, Charlie's Angels and Never Been Kissed!) and the legendary Jessica Lange) focuses on the tragic but immensely engaging true story of Edith "Big Edie" Bouvier Beale and Edith "Little Edie" Beale, Jackie O's aunt and first cousin who gained attention for living amongst 52 cats and an infinite amount of garbage in their 28-room retreat in the Hamptons. It sounds like a really upsetting tale, but it's strangely charming, mostly due to the eccentric dialogue which randomly spews out of the Edies mouths. Just try not to love Little Edie's "best costume for today" spiel. Barrymore really makes it come to life, but really, there's nothing like seeing the real thing.

While I really enjoyed the latest adaptation, the documentary is a whole different breed of awesome. I watched it right after seeing the new version, thanks to HBO's programming geniuses. The new version focuses more on the girls early life as glamorous socialites (Drew wears some beautiful 30s garb, so beautiful in fact, I might have to devote a whole post just to it!) whereas the original zooms in on the Edies in their later years, which to me, is the most interesting part of their strange, strange story. I love seeing Little Edie in her "revolutionary costume"and Big Edie singing "Tea for Two" in bed with her old photographs.

At times, you feel bad for the old gals. But really, I don't think either of them hated what their life became. In fact, I think they loved it. It's almost like they knew that one day a film crew would come in and want to document every quirk-filled moment of their day. Either that, or they really just loved spending time with each other and didn't really give a damn about anyone else. Both work for me.

I'm not sure if the documentary will appeal to everyone but if you're not sure, check out the HBO film and then make your decision. But if you're intrigued at all, please check out the doc. It's campy but true to life - which to me, is the recipe for perfection.

Want more reasons to fall for the girls of Grey Gardens? Check out this clip from the Tony Award-winning musical based on their story. I haven't seen it, but god knows I NEED to.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Boys and Grrs...

(PJ! Brendo! Andy! Kevin! Mike! Bobby! Oh, Bobby, I think I miss you most of all!)

Sony is the spawn of Satan.

Today I was checking my e-mail when I stumbled upon a message from "Sony Pictures". I clicked on it, thinking, hmm, this could actually be somewhat promiscing. Boy, was I wrong.

The message opened with big black letters reading: "Watch MY BOYS on TBS". What's with the taunting Sony? You know I'm sensitive about this issue! Thanks for rubbing my shitty TV access in my face (eww, that sounded way grosser than it did in my head).

Although this blasphamous e-mail got me down, Tony and Maria came to the rescue and brought me back to my happy place.

I turned on my iPod right after the incident (I can't bare to say it again) and "Somewhere" from West Side Story came on. As the song starts, Maria sings, "There's a place for us, somewhere a place for us". Maybe I'm crazy, but I can't help but see this as a sign. A sign that there will be a time when me, TBS and My Boys can reunite again.

Somehow. Someday. Somewhere!

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Monday, April 13, 2009

I lost my sunglasses to-night..

(Me and the Bans during happier times...)


I have definite reason to believe my Ray Bans wayfarers have taken a permanent vacation in the land of the lost.

I thought I was a bigger person than the girls who freak out when they lose their favourite accessory. But I don't think the rule applies when that accessory cost you $170 hard earned dollars that you are not even close to having right now.


P.S. - I wasn't planning to go out tonight. But I went to Casey's and the movies with my mom, because we decided that we needed to "get out of the house". Why did I have to be so goddamn adventurous?!

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Hirsch-y Kisses Day!

It's Hirsch-y Kisses Day! No, I'm not talking about the fact that today brings an abundance of delicious chocolate Easter treats (although that is a very true, and very wonderful fact). I'm talking about man candy - or more specifically, my boyfriend Emile Hirsch.

Just Jared just posted an Emile-filled Easter treat on his site. The post included several sweet pictorals of Hirsch-y going out on the town with some festive pink shoelaces (so random, but so awesome). Although I love me some Emile photo action, the real treat was the video that accompanied the post.
Joel Madden recently posted a YouTube vid (check it out here) asking Emile to join him and other celebs in The Rescue, a 100-city rally against the kidnapping of child soldiers in Uganda and Congo that is occurring on April 25th . Joel says he thought of Emile for this project because "he actually really cares about Africa" and "he really means it". He goes on to reference Emile's Men's Health article (read it now!) about his trip to Congo and his work in Africa. In between these serious messages, there are flashes of photos of Emile just being his sexy self. It is, in a word, fantastic.
In other Emile news, this new poster for Taking Woodstock is tripping me out!!!
P.S. - Happy Easter! :-)
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Save a horse, ride a cowboy...

Check out this priceless dialogue I overheard at a Hannah Montana: The Movie viewing yesterday.

Girl # 1: "Eww. Why does she like that cowboy? I hate his face. So gross."
Girl # 2: "ARE YOU BLIND?!"
Girl # 2: "Are you!?!"

These girls were 11.

P.S. - Perhaps I too have lost my vision, but I think this farm boy is kinda cute. He's got a blonde-Zac Efron thing going for him. Plus, I want a cowboy!

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Drive me lazy...

"Les, that license in your wallet, that's not an ordinary piece of paper, that is a driver's license, and its not only a driver's license, it's an automobile license, and it's not only an automobile license, it's a license to live, a license to be free, a license to go wherever, whenever and with whomever you choose!" - Dean (Corey Feldman)

Last night I got so sick of my mass of assignments that I decided to ditch them and veg out with License to Drive, a cheese-tastic little 80s flick called starring my D-List loves, The Two Coreys (Feldman and Haim for those not in the know). It was so ridiculous and bright-colored (Heather Graham's dress was practically radioactive) but I loved every minute of it.

I'm sure it helps that I just went through this madness of getting my license. I could totally identify with Les (the Haimster's character), who wants his license more than anything, but isn't quite ready yet. Except I don't find Heather Graham as appealing as he and the rest of the world seems to (see also: Boogie Nights and Lenny Kravitz's "American Woman" video). But I did love how her name was Mercedes, which led Les to whip out this awesome quip when his dad asked him if he wanted his old smashed up BMW: "No thanks, Dad. I already have a Mercedes".

Oh Corey, that was line so good you almost passed the "Favourite Corey" test. But unfortunately, you are still missing an essential aspect of truly awesome Corey-dom: you did not have a role in the best movie of all-time: The Goonies. Sorry bro. Better luck next time.

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Friday, April 10, 2009


This is my new favourite song. Literally. I'm obsessed with it.

It sounds like what I feel an early 80s high school dance would feel like (think a hybrid between the homecoming dance in Freaks and Geeks and the homecoming in The Virgin Suicides - both of which seemed to favour another one of my favs, "Come Sail Away" by Styx). Or what looking up at the starry sky on summer night at a carnival (I'm still getting over how this was literally reenacted in Adventureland) would feel like. Either way, it is the essense of dreamy deliciousness.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I have always been fascinated by records. But for some reason, I've never bought one. I've just admired them from afar. I cannot tell you how many times I've looked at my mom's copy of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road with an intense longing to fall victim to a freak time warp and end up in a 1970s record store that has "Bennie and the Jets" playing in the background.

I rarely even buy CDs anymore. As disgusting as it is to say, everything is so much easier via online outlets. But vinyl is so different. People don't frame CD booklets. But I'm sure there's dozens of people with a copy of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band or The Velvet Underground & Nico hanging on their wall. And why? Because they aren't just filmsy packs of paper or meaningless files. They're works of art.

I'm going to make it a personal goal to jump on the vinyl bandwagon this year. My first mission? To get my hands on a copy of Purple Rain.

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Aunt Robin + Uncle Barney = Bro Love

This week CBS released this de-wait for it-lightful RoBarn montage. As if we needed anymore reasons to hope and pray that Robin and Barney end up together!

All I can say is I hope this HIMYM promo is a sign of a hook-up to come! After all, Future Ted always calls them "Aunt Robin" and "Uncle Barney"...

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Imaginary heroes...

"Oh, her love is heavenly. When her arms enfold me, I hear a tender rhapsody. But in reality, she doesn't even know me.."

Is it just me or is this song kind of devastating? In my opinion, there's nothing more heartbreaking than unrequited love. Especially when the fella is so damn cheery about it.

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How do I loathe this show? Let me count the ways..

The shit has (truly) hitith the fan....ith.

You'll never guess what ridiculous new show ABC Family has just cooked up. I'm not going to tell you, but I will present you with the 10 things I hate about the idea of a series based the still-rockin' 90s teen flick, you guessed it, 10 Things I Hate About You.
  1. The show's Patrick Verona character does not have long greasy - yet somehow still hot - hair.

  2. This show's Patrick is not Heath Ledger but Michel - one half of MK and A's vacation bfs from Passport to Paris.

  3. The 2009 Bianca = the blond bitchface from Camp Rock. Can I get a "Whatever major loser!"? Where is Alex Mack!?

  4. I don't hear any angry alt-rock of the feminist persuasion in the 10-second trailer.

  5. I'm sorry but I don't see "Moze" from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide reading The Bell Jar, wanting to go to Sarah Lawrence, flashing a pervy gym teacher to get her honey out of detention and walking anywhere near an establishment by the name of Club Skunk.

  6. I highly doubt ABC Family will allow inappropriate references to bratwurst, Reginald's "quivering member" or the meaning behind black panties.

  7. Lines like these will just not make sense post-1999. (Oh the days when Sketchers were the shoe of choice...)

    Bianca: There's a difference between like and love. Because, I like my Skechers, but I love my Prada backpack.
    Chastity: But I love my Skechers.
    Bianca: That's because you don't have a Prada backpack.

  8. Padua High does not look nearly as Hogwarts-y as it should.

  9. The fact that this movie is old enough to remake means I am clearly verging on senior citizen-dom.

  10. Because I'm Canadian, I can never watch it.

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"FNT" by Semisonic

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Hills are alive (again)!

I'm not gonna lie. I love me some Hills drama.

So far, tonight's season premiere is terrible and amazing. Everything you expect from LC and the gang. My only question is, where is my Justin Bobby action (EDIT: Homeboy makes an appearance in the Season 5 trailer. Thank you hobo man-child gods!)? Everyone is too clean-looking for my liking.

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Spencer actually just said, "YO. It's bananas homie." Fo' serious. Also, when did Spencer get friends - let alone mustached mute friends?

Loves it way too much!

I'm Watching: The Hills Aftershow

Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's a Kevin Zegers thang...


P.S. - Love that the K. Zegs (pronounced Kay-Zeegs)'s straight-to-DVD flick, It's a Boy/Girl Thing features a Fefe Dobson track! So freakin' Canadiana and delicious!

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Awful sweet to be a Spring Awakening fan..

I saw Spring Awakening at the Canon last night and honestly, as cliched as it sounds, I don't think there are words that could describe how much I loved it.

I saw the show for the first time two summers ago in NYC and was completely head-over-heels in love with everything about it. Particularly, I had a humongoid crush on John Gallagher Jr., who plays the helplessly tragic teen, Moritz Stiefel. He was not only hopelessly adorable, but he had won a well-deserved Tony for his role. Plus, I met him after the show and he was literally the nicest guy I've ever met (if only my camera hadn't broken earlier that day, I'd have a pic-toral with his ridiculously cute self! The boy posed for like 10 pics we me and let me just say, we were very cosy.)

Anywhos, enough about J. Galls (although I beg you to please check out his former band, Old Spring Pike, which now goes by The Spring Standards). The point is, since I had such a connection to the cast that I saw in NY, I was worried that the touring cast, particularly the new Moritz, would fail to live up to my expectations. Boy, was I wrong.

While I'll admit the Wendla wasn't perfect (she was never my favourite anyways), most of the cast was spot-on. Matt Doyle, who plays Melchi these days, is actually perfect. And my god, Blake Bashoff, is quite possibly the closest thing to J. Galls that you could get. Honestly, sometimes he sounded exactly like him - especially during "Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind", which is my absolute favourite song from the show. I'll admit, he wasn't as cute as J. Galls was - and still is - but he had the twitchy Moritz-isms and the sky-high Stiefel-do down. And that's enough to pull at my heartstrings.

And the cast wasn't the only thing that had my Broadway-lovin' heart-a-beatin'. The bare bones style set fit perfectly in the Canon. It seemed so natural that if you didn't know better, you'd think that SA was the only show that had ever played at the theatre. The lighting was also still as breathtaking as ever (those blue lights during "The Mirror/Blue Night" gave me goosebumps). Oh and that score. The musicians played the songs so perfectly, I felt like I was listening to the soundtrack again for the millionth time.

Basically, all I could think during the show was, to quote Moritz, truly, heaven must feel like this.

Mood Music: "All That's Known" - Spring Awakening

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh the places Sam Mendes'll go!

Watch this trailer and tell me Sam Mendes isn't a genius (the man can do ANY-thing!). And that John Krasinski isn't still kind of hot with a beard.

P.S - Is that Andy from My Boys I spy? I miss that show so much. Damn you PeachTree! I want my TBS!

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Daisies rises again! Well, sort of..

The Pie Hole is reopening for business this summer!

Today EW reported that the final episodes of Pushing Daisies will finally be released - via the season 2 DVD when it hits stores on July 21.

In honor of this pie-fect (yes, I just wrote that) news, I give a you slice of the delectable quirk that is Olive Snook (a.k.a. Kristen Chenoweth). Enjoy - preferably with a slice of hot pecan pie.

P.S. - Am I the only one who kind of prefers Ned (Lee Pace, will you and your man-cardigans do me now?) with Olive?!

P.P.S - Am I also the only one whose real dream job would be to own a pie shop with an assortment of pun-ny titled pies? Anyone?

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