Monday, September 6, 2010

The Were with all...


The rags have really been fang-girling out about Sookie and Bill's (er, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer's) wedding recently. While I'm happy for the adorable vamp-girl duo, I can't stop thinking about Sookie's other otherworldly options. No, I'm not talking about Eric. Or any beautiful bloodsucker for that matter.To terribly paraphrase Shakira, there's a he-wolf on my conscious.

Recently, I've had my eye on True Blood's hunk of burning-ab-love that is Alcide Herveaux. I'm usually not one to run with the were-kind, but doggone it, I can't help myself this time. For one thing, unlike a certain unlikeable lycan we all know, Alcide isn't some annoyingly smiley jailbait lap dog of a dude. He's a man. Well, part-man, part-wolf. But that part that's man is ALL MAN.

But I regress, er, digress. The point is, while I love me some strictly Bill-Sook action in real-life, I think Miss Stackhouse oughta keep tabs on Alcide and his perfect bod. Sources have confirmed that the actor who plays the newest edition to Bon Temps' ever-growing supernatural society, Joe Manganiello, will be a regular come next season.  And according to this new TB preview, Alcide will make an appearance in next week's finale!

Move over Bill (and Eric - if he makes it through this season without disappearing into the Fangtasia concrete) -  looks like this he-wolf's here to stay! 

Mood Music: "Doctor Jones" by Aqua