By day, I'm a journalism grad who lives for puns, clichés and onomatopoeias (Can I get a "kerplunk"?) and previously wrote reviews and articles for and By tea time, I'm a full-fledged and totally unembarrassed pitiful pop culture junkie, who lives for talking about failed TV shows, listening to gay anthems of the 90s, reading YA fiction in grown-up locations, quoting barely-known 80s teen dramedies, re-watching movies that are so bad they're must-owns, PVR-ing TMZ and daydreaming about working at Entertainment Weekly.

In the simplest terms (and I suppose, the most convenient definitions, too), my life is an allusion to something I shouldn't like - but do. A lot.

You can call me Emily. Or RuPaul. I'll respond to either.