Thursday, June 16, 2011


It's been a LOOOOOOONG time since I've updated this blog. And I feel really terrible about it.

I'd like to say I had some wicked awesome, life-changing reasons for it. But I don't. However, I do have some pretty decent, fairly important ones....

  • I had an overloaded semester, which included a course load like never before (five full credit courses and one double credit one) and a hella lot of time in the campus editing suites. 
  • Speaking of editing, I can now say that I, Emily Gagne, have contributed to the production of a film! I was the editor (and occasional reporter) on a short documentary on Toronto's fashion identity. We followed a young designer, Cara Cheung as she put on her first runway show.
  • I slept about three hours a night during this soul-sucking time and barely had time to go watch, let alone write about whatever awesome Vh1 reality show I wanted to be streaming but couldn't. I also went a whole month without stepping foot on old popcorn and dried Pepsi-lined floors of a movie theatre. It was disgusting.
  • Right after finishing this hella hard school year, I got my wisdom teeth out. Then three weeks later, I got an infection and had to get emergency surgery. I ended up in the ER that night, looking like a True Blood extra. I won't get into the gory details, but I will say my blood pressure went down to 60/30. (I'm fine now!)
  • All of this hard work (well, minus the wisdom teeth stuff) resulted in me being able to graduate on time -- and surprisingly, with honours! -- alongside my Ryerson J-Skool friends! 

 (Me and Candis, my first and best friend at Rye High.)

 (Me and my Jessica Simpsons. Take that, Carrie "Formerly a Candie's Girl" Bradshaw!)

Now that I'm out of school and currently without a job (Being Winona in the middle of Reality Bites isn't nearly as romantic as I imagined it would be!), I plan on bringing this blog back to full-life. And not in some half-assed, I'll-just-turn-her-into-a-vampire thing. So to kick off this rebirth, I have two very important placenta-related notes to make....

 1) HOW GOOD IS BORN THIS WAY!?! (Full, overly analytical post on this in the works!) I have not stopped listening to it since I drove an hour out of my way to buy it on Canada Day.

2) Did you or did you not get a bit of a Twihard-on after seeing Edward break the bed in the trailer for Breaking Dawn? (I still can't believe they're actually making this demon spawn of the otherwise uncomfortably addictive "Saga" into a movie. But I guess the first half of the book is kind of sexy, so this one shouldn't be so bad. RIGHT?!)

Until next time, which hopefully will be really super-soon times...

P.S. - For a more fangirly look at my recent life, check out my Tumblr (Punny Girl) and Twitter (@emilygagne). I'm also still posting up a storm on my female film critic blog, Cinefilles!

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  1. I really need to read those Twilight books. Maybe I'm too old for them lol.