Monday, November 8, 2010

Dork and Knives.

Last Thursday, I girl powered up and scored what may be my sweetest interview of my precious little journalistic life. In every sense of the vague word.

With the help of my future-pro-producer-in-the-making friend, Vanessa (and some really awesome reps at Universal Pictures), I managed to get a five-minute on-camera interview with Scott Pilgrim's not-so-evil ex, Knives Chau! At a press junket! At a suite in the Hazelton Hotel! In a room next to Edgar Wright! Yeah, I'm still fangirling out.

Scarborough actress - and Ryerson RTA alum! -  Ellen Wong plays the kick-ass high schooler/Ramona Flowers hater in the best movie you haven't seen: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Oh,  and she's also a straight-up sweetheart.  If I was a 23-year-old Toronto straight-boy hipster, I might say I was in lesbians with her.

Check out my  piece on Ellen (and the film's DVD release) on the Ryersonian TV website - and spread the SP love.

P.S. - Wanna see the full,  uncut interview? Look for it on RBN tomorrow!

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